Christmas 2020 Ceramics Sale

Ello my lovelies! Here are some of my favourite ceramic creations currently available. Each one is handmade from glazed stoneware, and fired twice (or thrice for the jewellery pieces!)

You can drop me an email at or via Facebook / Instagram DM if you have any questions or would like to reserve a piece or two 🙂

Every piece is unique so once it’s been spoken for, I’ll mark it as such. Ideally, local pick-up is the easiest way to get them, but I can arrange postage if necessary.

  • Within the UK: approx £2 for small pins, magnets, and jewellery, £4-5 for medium ones and £8-10 for larger pieces.
  • Outside of the UK: Get in touch and I’ll provide a price as quickly as I can.
  • Local pick-up: Free, safe and socially distanced 🙂

If you’re looking to gift these (or buy them for yourself!) to arrive before Christmas, I would say 22nd Nov is a fairly sensible cut-off date for international orders, and first week of December for UK orders. We can assume the postal system will be very busy this season!

Keep checking over the next few days as I’ll add Christmas ornaments and jewellery, some of which I haven’t yet photographed.

Jewellery, Pins & Magnets

Cat magnets, £5/each

Japanese onigiri magnets, £5 each

Chilli Pepper Keyring, £8

Heart-shaped dark turquoise earrings with gold accent, £16

Long dangle dark turquoise earrings with gold accent, £16

Oval dark turquoise and gold accent earrings, £16

Diamond-shaped light turquoise and gold accent earrings, £16

Oval polkadot earrings with stainless steel posts, £16

Cups and Planters

What’s the difference between a cup and a planter? In itself, not much! It just depends whether you put wine or a plant in it!

These could handle a small plant, or a large glass of wine, tea or hot chocolate.

Three-legged leopard print turquoise planter, £14

Small Plates, Bowls and Coasters

Handshaped canapé plates, speckled grey and blue, set of 3, £25

Handshaped canapé plates, speckled cream and turquoise, set of 2, £16

Spoon holders or teabag holders, £6/each or all 5 for £25

Deep blue & brown trinket bowls, £20 for all four

Set of 4 small trinket/sauce bowls in duck egg and bronze, £20 for 4 bowls

Set of 4 small trinket/sauce bowls in Iris (deep blue, lilac and brown), £20 for 4 bowls

Set of 4 coasters / trinket trays in Iris, £20 for four

Set of 3 coasters / trinket trays, £15 for 3: Four colourways available (copper, turquoise, coral and magenta)

Unique Creations

Busy bee soap dishes, £8 each available in turquoise, grey and coral, including one grey with a three-colour rainbow bee. [Grey with regular bee & one turquoise, sold]

The lesser-spotted leopard whale, £16

Bottle vase, £18

There may be a few more pieces added as I take a few more photos when the sun deigns to come out. 🙂

Lots of love, colour and non-Amazon Christmas shopping,

Vero 💖